Novi Vinodolski
In the central part of the northern seaboard, on the Novi Vinodolski Riviera, is Novi Vinodoski.
It developed from the old Frankopan fortress and spread along the seacoast  the tourist city of Novi Vinodolski.
In 1878, the city of Novi Vinodolski is included, right after Opatija, in the class of tourist pioneer cities of the seaboard region.
The city is the cultural center of Croatian glagolism and literacy, the former Vinodol principality and the crib of the Vinodol law (1288) as well as the constellation of writers from the Mažuranić family.
The soul of the city is represented by the remains of cultural heritage: the walls of the Roman fortress Lopsica, the remains of the Paulline monastery, the Frankopan castle with a tower, the cathedral, the church of the Holy Trinity and St. Marin of the same named island, the house of the Mažuranić brothers, a library from 1845, a regional museum and gallery, and the city′s preserved authentic folklore.
Thanks to the ever-green vegetation, the gentle conditions of the Mediterranean seaboard, the clean sea, and the specific panorama of Novi Vinodolski was recognizable in the past, in the present and will surely be in the future.
The climate
Using all of the privileges of this location on the Mediterranean seaboard, Novi Vinodolski is bathed in mild and warm sunny summers. It has an average of 2500 sunny hours a year with daylight temperatures that go down to only 10 C during the winter and up to 29-30 C over the summer.
As well as the yachtsmen, the warm southern wind or the fresh north wind helps everyone enjoy a comfortable and healthy stay in this region. The clean and refreshing north wind will cool you off during the summer while the warm south wind will warm you up over the cold winter days.  
Useful informations
First of all, the seaboard region and the city that is located in it is made by its beaches and coastline. After that comes its hinterland, which in no case should be ignored.
In Novi Vinodolski you can find something for everyone, whether it is the sand beaches, pebble beaches, rocky or concrete beaches that have proved their quality with the Blue Star. After you have found your place under the sun, you can enjoy the numerous contents that are offered on the beaches: water skiing, diving, sailing, organized visits to the Vinodol channel.
The attractiveness of the hinterland comes mainly from the preserved nature. The magic of this can be best seen in the beauty of the Plitvice lakes or Bjelolasica in the winter. All of the effort put into getting to these places will be worth it tenfold! Not to mention that every stop you make on one of the beautiful places along the road could be seen for the first time by your eyes, from the place that you discovered!
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