Enjoy the Vinodol Riviera in numerous activities!

Walkways and bike paths
Discover natural beauties and monuments of Novi Vinodolski and surrounding places by taking a walk on one of numerous walkways by the sea or simply conquer this part of Croatia on a bike. There are bikes and bike path maps waiting for you in the hotel!

Thanks to a mild Mediterranean climate, tennis can be played almost throughout the year.

Take part in one of the most exciting modern sports – diving, and experience the sea in a different way. Experienced instructors of the diving centre Explorator have prepared for you a series of attractive locations where you can get to know the beauties of Kvarner undersea.

Water sports
In Novi Vinodolski, you can enjoy in all kinds of water sports, such as surfing, jet-ski, and water skiing.

Because of the hunting ground quality and a natural ambiance, Novi Vinodolski is a favourite destination among hunters.

Boat rental
If you want the total island experience, rent a boat and start exploring the bays which cannot be accessed on land.

Mountain climbing
Take advantage of the proximity of the Viševice massif and start conquering the mountain home Vagabundina koliba, located at 864 m above the sea level, where you will have the unique opportunity to taste the local specialties: nettle polpetas, forest plant spread, and wild game delicacies.


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